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Supply Chain

As Tanhu family; With our wide market and product network, we are at your side in matters such as all infrastructure, material and parts supply.

Considering the supply chain, it is an established system that covers the cycle processes of the formation and includes all of the data flow and delivery processes from the raw material to the end user.

It covers the all the process, such as the procurement stages of the products or services, production and delivery to the end consumer. From the perspective of business management, supply chain covers several fields such as; sales phase, production phase, inventory management, raw material procurement, distribution logistics operations, procurement methods, sales forecasting and methods, human resources, customer service.

It covers all processes from the raw form of a content to reaching the end consumer and including recycling; It is a whole ring consisting of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and logisticians.

Tanhu is working right here by your side, to make you function as a whole by ensuring the realization of all these processes.

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As the Tanhu family;

With years of knowledge and experience, we work hard for you and grow steadily. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to deliver you the outcomes you want in the fastest and safest way with our wide industry network, distinct and specific service infrastructures. We process your ideas, suggestions, needs and thoughts with our own service units and deliver your requests in the most accurate way.