Raw Material Supply

As Tanhu family; We ensure that you quickly reach your needs such as buying and selling in mining and production.

Since our existence, we have needed raw materials to produce items such as tools and weapons that will help meet the needs. Humanity, which started to meet these requirements, turned stone, wood, bone, and other raw materials into various tools and weapons.

Raw Material Supply Needs are basically divided into two;

Direct raw material:

It is the material directly used by the manufacturing facility to manufacture a finished product. For example, the direct raw material of the table is wood.

Indirect raw material:

It is a raw material that is not part of a finished product. For example, oils needed by machines in a manufacturing facility to produce the product, and similar materials such as a light bulb used for the lighting of the facility are part of the manufacturing process and are indirect raw materials.

Tanhu is right here by your side. We provide you with the supply of raw materials you need for the follow-up and supply of all these processes.

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As the Tanhu family;

With years of knowledge and experience, we work hard for you and grow steadily. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to deliver you the outcomes you want in the fastest and safest way with our wide industry network, distinct and specific service infrastructures. We process your ideas, suggestions, needs and thoughts with our own service units and deliver your requests in the most accurate way.