Project Production

As the Tanhu family; We present your target to your service by detailing them in accordance with the market and your needs.

You may have many projects in mind, but you may not know how to shape them and how to make them come true. If you need help with method and detailing, Tanhu is always there for you.

You have a reasonable idea in mind, but this idea needs to be evaluated and detailed as a project, you need resources or project partners or you don't know how to turn it into business. We will create a business plan, schedule and partnerships for you in this regard, and we will ensure that you achieve your goals gradually.

Tanhu is right here with you, we bring you experience with our extensive knowledge and industry network.

You can get all the information by contacting us.


As the Tanhu family;

With years of knowledge and experience, we work hard for you and grow steadily. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to deliver you the outcomes you want in the fastest and safest way with our wide industry network, distinct and specific service infrastructures. We process your ideas, suggestions, needs and thoughts with our own service units and deliver your requests in the most accurate way.