Production Marketing

As Tanhu family; We guarantee your sales by delivering any product or material you produce to the domestic and foreign markets.

Production Marketing, in the most general sense, is the acquisition of a data value to meet needs. Formations work and are established to produce and market objects that will provide products, content, goods or services or the demands or needs of all of them.

Consumers, on the other hand, conduct research on the basic elements from which they will obtain the greatest benefit, such as their expectations from what is produced, the quality of the product and service they demand, and pricing. Businesses, on the other hand, consider the way to produce and deliver at the lowest possible cost with the quality, quantity and time requested by the consumers produced or stored.

Production facilities start their production activities basically with the aim of reaching the end from the beginning. It is necessary to consider the planning of the products produced in advance and detailing their transportation to the end consumer. No matter how much production is being carried out and what this cost calculation will be and how much profit will be made, it is necessary to determine the marketing of these products in detail.

Tanhu is right here with you; to facilitate the challenging process from start to end consumer of all production or stored product.

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As the Tanhu family;

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