International Contact

As the Tanhu family; We reach all the countries you target, all the areas you need, and we support you.

International contact is achieved by taking into account all actors, generally states and entities that are accepted as the main factor of international relations, with other states and entities; such as companies, regional elements, international issues, relations between governments, organizations and multinational companies and international situations and relations.

This contact area includes all factors that will search for you the factors that will lead you to the right target and facilitate reaching the foreign country you want to sell or buy by providing connections.

The scope of international contact works is very wide. It is possible to overcome many issues such as global factors, state situations, international security, ecological sustainability, nationalism, economic development, global finance, terrorism, organized crime, human security, foreign interventionism and human rights with international contact elements.

Tanhu is right here by your side, by managing these processes in the best and safest direction, it will take you to the target you need quickly and safely.

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As the Tanhu family;

With years of knowledge and experience, we work hard for you and grow steadily. We are constantly improving ourselves in order to deliver you the outcomes you want in the fastest and safest way with our wide industry network, distinct and specific service infrastructures. We process your ideas, suggestions, needs and thoughts with our own service units and deliver your requests in the most accurate way.