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The process of purchasing products and services from other countries is called import. Import means purchasing from abroad in short. Import is the opposite of export.

Several methods are used when importing;

There are several types of import as with a cost or free of charge, depending on whether money transfer is made or not.

With a cost;

It is the type of import performed by making a foreign currency transfer to the company you work with in the other country with one of the payment methods in import of the total cost of the imported content.

Free of charge;

It refers to the import realized without any foreign currency transfer abroad by covering the total amount of the imported content with foreign currencies earned abroad.

Letter of credit;

The most basic explanation is a payment method used in foreign trade. The payment methods used in foreign trade have different risks for the exporter and the importer, and therefore, it reduces the risks posed by the payment methods for the exporter and the importer and provides certain responsibilities to the banks that mediate the payment transaction.

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