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Export refers to the sale of content produced by individuals and organizations to other countries. Export means selling abroad in short. In the most basic sense, export is the sale of content in free circulation within the borders of a country to other countries. The export in the narrow sense, is the transfer of goods abroad based on the content sales to foreigners or Turks living abroad.

A joint venture is a common business structure that taxable real and legal person merchants who are members of the exporter union according to the goods to be sent to other countries, tradesmen and craftsmen who are registered in the Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen or the Chamber of Commerce and are engaged in production cooperate as two or more entities with a joint venture they have created to act together for a specific project they have agreed upon.

The following situations are taken into consideration as the starting basis for export;
- Method of export
- The product to be exported
- Country of export
- Detailed contract for export

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As the Tanhu family;

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